Geplak: Sweet Taste of Bantul

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Geplak is a  sweet snack  made by combining equal parts of sugar and coarsely  grated coconut, with the coco-piquant sweet taste of the dish being the major attractive feature.Normally citrus leaves, waluh fruit, and rice flour are also added to the sweet.in equal amounts, Geplak often colored brightly.this snack is mainly produced in Bantul Regency ( Region of Yogyakarta). 
Making this snack is quite simple,according to the regular recipe coconut, flour, cane sugar, water, salt, pandanus, and vanilla are combined and fried without oil and cooked to prepare reliable dough.This dough is rolled between the palms of hands to prepare the reliable geplak.
Earlier, white and brown colored sweets were prepared by processing brown sugar and cane sugar. Nowadays, various geplak recipes suggest using natural color concentrates for preparing the sweet. The most popular flavors of the sweet are orange, strawberry, durian; sometimes fruit juices are also used in the preparation of the geplak. Other than that, nut and ginger flavored sweets are also prepared.
Geplak bantul are very easy to get in almost snack stores in Yogyakarta.You can buy Geplak in snack stores along the main road toward others cities, public facilities such as airport ( Adi sucipto Airport) or train station ( Tugu or lempuyangan train station) , Bus Station ( Jombor, Condong Catur, Giwangan Bus Station),Tourism object in Yogyakarta, and also at supermaket and malls in Yogyakarta.

If  you want special geplak straight from the maker, you should visit stores which are also geplak production houses in several place in Bantul Regency. Not only to find and buy geplak, you can also learn how to make Geplak in traditional way.On of them is located at wachid Hasyim street  No. 28 Gose Bantul with the brand name " geplak jago" wich is establish since 1976, is one of the best geplak producer in Yogyakarta. 

You can also go to Geplak Mbok Tumpuk store at wachid hasyim street 104 Bantul. Differences with other geplak sellers, Geplak mbok Tumpuk continue to use besek (covered squere basket of plaited bamboo) for packaging.

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